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Copyright & Reproduction

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Copyright Notice: Here's How it Works!


Images: Editorially reproduced, and otherwise used images (advertising, online, private, etc.) require sole written authorization by Joel Anderson Photography. Contact Us

Special NoteUse Releases, Photo Invoices, etc. are meant to protect the rights of those photographed, the photographer and the buyer.

Image Use: Limited Rights May be Granted, and Depend Upon final payment, a written-signed contractual agreement, and are limited to Private Display Use Only, unless otherwise granted by Joel Anderson Photography. No Joel Anderson Photo image is public domain, free use, or "stealable" unless otherwise granted in writing by Joel Anderson Photography prior to payment and/or subsequent delivery of image(s). (Copyright.gov)

Specific Use of each purchased image must be approved by Joel Anderson Photography, Editorially or otherwise (such as published in The Ojai and Ventura View.com).

All Archival Editorial Images, require a signed Individual Use Release or equivalent (provided by Joel Anderson Photography or an authorized grantor). Each image and use must be specified therein. Written agreement must be completed before any Use/Publication is granted by Joel Anderson Photography. Contact Us for basic details.

Reproduction & Publication can include one time use only in advertising, corporate, or editorial as defined in written invoice. Media means album, brochure, billboard, book (hard or soft cover), online, postcard, magazine (consumer, corporate, editorial or trade), newspaper, point of purchase, poster, slide show, textile (clothing), web, etc.

AgreementsRequests for Commercial or other designated Use of Joel Anderson Photography - Editorial or otherwise (such as those published in the Ojai and Ventura View.com) and all Archival images, require signed individual Use Releases or equivalent (provided by Joel Anderson Photography or authorized grantor). Verbal agreements, although legally binding in the state of California, can often lead to miscommunication. Written contracts promote harmony by clarification.

Again, each image/use must be specified, in writing, before any use/publication is granted by Joel Anderson Photography. Contact Us for details.

NOTE: Authorship/Photo Credit: The Client, unless otherwise stated, as an express condition of entering into a contract of Reproduction Grant of Rights shall retain and take the necessary steps to see that Photographer receive authorship credit under each photograph as follows: Photo, © 2016, Joel Anderson (or as otherwise approved by photographer). Unless otherwise agreed, no less that one credit must be placed accompanying each published photograph at point of placement, or fee is doubled.

All unauthorized reproduction/electronic downloads, etc., whether Editorial/Advertising or Private constitutes Copyright Infringement. (Copyright.gov)

© 1985-2016, JAndersonPhoto.com, All Rights Reserved.

Photographer retains sole Copyright. All Rights Reserved.


COPYRIGHT: No part of this website may be reproduced in any form at all. This includes graphic, electronic/digital, or mechanical, and photocopying or information storage, without written permission from Joel Anderson Photography P.O. Box 1824, Ojai, Ca 93024. © 1985 - 2016, Joel Anderson Photography/All Rights Reserved. More Info: Contact

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